SESTO Tuscan Pop-up Kitchen

Private dining events with Aurelio Barattini from Lucca, Italy - In your kitchen.

An evening of Aurelio’s Antica Cucina in your kitchen will leave a taste of the Italian Art of Enjoyment on your discerning palate. We bring Italy, Tuscany, and Lucca into your kitchen and allow the tradition to mingle with your good company.


Ingredients: Local or Lucca

Local Ingredients. All the elegance and tradition of Lucca’s most historic restaurant, prepared with California’s best ingredients in support of local California farmers and growers.

Lucca Imports. Blend Lucca’s olive oil, wine, grains, legumes, preserves, dried and foraged fruits, and more with fresh and local California produce for an unprecedented experience of Cucina Lucchese in your home kitchen.


  1. Redlands