SESTO Tuscan Pop-up Kitchen

Private dining events with Aurelio Barattini from Lucca, Italy - In your kitchen. An evening of Aurelio’s Antica Cucina in your kitchen will leave a taste of the Italian Art of Enjoyment on your discerning palate. We bring Italy, Tuscany, and Lucca into your kitchen and allow the tradition to mingle with your good company.

Tasting The Serchio

Based in Barga, Tuscany Experiences in Lucca, Garfagnana, La Valle del Serchio, Lucca, Versilia Fellow food enthusiasts!! Join us for a dining tour and satiate your craving for fresh culinary territory in Tuscany’s greenest valley. Make yourself at home for a week in the artist’s haven of Barga. We’ll take in some of the valleys most breathtaking views of the Apuan Alps and enjoy the best restaurants and tasting spots of Lucca, Versilia and the The Serchio Valley. Sharpen your palate across a diverse setting from Tuscany’s mountains, to its coastline, and one of its most flattering walled cities. Take a cooking class in Lucca with Aurelio Barattini and meet local artisans and growers. We’ll learn about local culinary crafts like cheese, bread and wine making, salumi production, beer brewing and more.